Our History

at· latl
/ˈat ˌ lad( ə )l
A tool that uses leverage to propel an arrow towards its intended target with greater accuracy, velocity, and power.

Our name is unique and chosen with intent because it offers a lot of parallels to how we view our team in relation to the clients we serve. In the digital age of information, it can be overwhelming and challenging to craft a path on one’s own without guidance that is tailored to address specific needs. Atlatl Advisers is a team of professionals that can serve as a tool to help shape a path for individuals, families and businesses to achieve their goals, much like an atlatl was a tool that revolutionized hunting for people thousands of years ago.

The name offers not only a nice metaphor for how we view ourselves as a resource, but it also has a personal family connection. A beloved relative of one of our employees was a skilled artisan by hobby and crafted wooden atlatls and other items, some of which can be found in our office. Upon his passing, and as the firm was expanding, it felt only appropriate to pay homage to this special person. 

Perhaps it is unsurprising that family and relationships are at the center of our business. We’ve built up a group that includes some of our own family members, and also those who have come to be seen as family.  Our team is composed of individuals who bring different perspectives from their personal and professional histories to create an approach to wealth management that goes beyond the numbers. We strive for a balance that allows our employees to spend time with family and to pursue their passions, so that they come to work every day feeling fulfilled and ready to help clients achieve a level of success as they define it.

Our Vision

To be trusted advisers in navigating the complexities of multi-generational wealth for families and individuals. We tailor our services around our clients and their dynamic family needs.

Our Mission

We aspire to redefine and elevate the financial services experience through exceptional client service and a commitment to excellence in all that we do.

The cornerstone to our service is the client experience. We empower individuals, families, business owners, and institutions to realize their aspirations and achieve some of life’s most important goals.

Collectively our team brings together energy, innovation, creativity, and passion to provide exceptional services, products, capabilities, and value that will enable our clients to achieve their financial goals today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. Our name was chosen with intent—the atlatl is leveraged to provide greater accuracy, precision, and velocity over long distances.

Our Commitment

Client Stewardship

We are committed to providing an overall level of expertise that creates results for our clients that are specific to their aspirations.

Exemplary service across the full range of our clients’ needs is our paramount and unrelenting focus.

We consistently strive for excellence in all that we do.

Integrity as the Standard

We have an unwavering commitment to operate with integrity, trust, and sincerity, at all times. We are upheld and regulated to a Fiduciary Duty which means we always act in the best interest of our clients.

We strive to ensure that our employees, clients, and communities are proud of the Firm, its history, its legacy, its reputation, and what it stands for.


We believe the best advice starts with a firm foundation in education. Instead of making assumptions or jumping straight to solutions, we focus on understanding the perspective and background of each client first. This approach creates additional opportunities to engage with multiple and often younger generations for each family. Overall, we find that this deepens the value of our relationships, recommendations, and results.

Similarly, we are passionate about the pursuit of our individual development, which includes staying ahead of the latest changes as it relates to our clients’ lives and the external areas that may be impactful, both positively and negatively.

Our Team

We strive to hire, inspire, and invest in the best talent across our respective disciplines and empower our team to thrive in an environment of respect. Our ability to celebrate different perspectives and foster a culture of inclusion leads to an exceptional client experience.