2023 Medicare Premiums

Photo by: Hush Naidoo Jade Photography The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the new 2023 Medicare premium amounts last week, which included a few surprises to retirees and other recipients of Medicare. Notably, the Part B premium has gone down from a starting base of $170.10 to $164.90 per month, representing [...]

October 7, 2022|

Deducting Renter’s Insurance

Photo by: Mollie Sivaram When running a small business from your home or apartment, it’s important to understand the many deductions available to you to maximize long term profits.  Audrey Blanke recently connected with Business Insider to discuss the ability to deduct renter's insurance and how to qualify to reduce your total tax bill. [...]

March 28, 2022|

Ross + Nick on DPL Financial Partners: Advisor Revelations Podcast

Willie Jones (DPL) of the Advisor Revelations Podcast hosted Ross and Nick in their episode "Going Independent: How DPL's Tools Help Advisors Break Away" Check out DPL Financial Partners: Advisor Revelations Podcast - and be sure to subscribe!

March 19, 2022|

How to Stretch Your Budget as Inflation Pushes Prices Higher

A key measure of inflation reached a 40-year-high in February, and financial analysts warn we should all brace for prices to keep rising because of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Director of Financial Planning, Audrey Blanke, spoke with WKOW in Madison to discuss ways in which families take an active role in their finances and trim [...]

March 12, 2022|

What to Expect When Filing 2021 Tax Returns

The start of tax season officially kicked off on January 24th. Atlatl’s Director of Financial Planning, Audrey Blanke was recently interviewed by WKOW Madison to share insights on how 2021 returns may be different than in the past. View the interview here IRS now accepting tax returns. What to know before filing [...]

January 31, 2022|

Inflation’s Impact On Retirement

Inflation numbers at the end of the year are the highest we’ve seen in almost 40 years. For many individuals, it’s causing some concerns as to how inflation may impact their plan for retirement. Atlatl’s Director of Financial Planning, Audrey Blanke, connected with George Smith of WKOW in Madison to discuss how financial planning can change when prices rise. View the [...]

December 6, 2021|
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